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XTM & the Winter Olympics

XTM & the Winter Olympics

Cold, snowy, and bitter days are some of the best conditions for fun winter adventures and inspiration for innovative gear. XTM is a result of experiencing these frigid conditions with the founder of XTM being the former 1988 Australian Winter Olympian Pete Forras. XTM creates technical, sustainable, stylish, and affordable products, so you can worry less about what you’re wearing and more about the fun you’re having while you "Cross" (X) "the" (T) "Mountain" (M).

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The creative conditions at XTM have resulted in the company becoming 100% Carbon neutral, making their products from sustainable or recycled materials. The environmentally friendly DWR coatings on the gear is all PFC free. XTM also gives back to community through their Heat the Homeless initiative providing jackets to those in need. 

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XTM performance is an Official Sponsor of the Australian Winter Olympic Team. At XTM, there is a long history with the Olympics, in part thanks to the founder Pete Forras being a former Australian Winter Olympian himself. He competed in the downhill and downhill combined in Calgary 1988.This history has led to a 15-year relationship as official glove supplier to the Australian Winter Olympic Team. This year for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Aussie  athletes at this year’s Games will have  battery-powered heaters in their XTM socks and gloves to help combat the chilly conditions in northern China. In addition to these battery-powered socks and gloves, XTM is kitting out the team with base layers, boots bags and accessories.

Enjoy your winter adventures, even when it is cold, snowy, and bitter with innovative, sustainable and affordable XTM gear. Check out The Urban Gear’s curated collection of winter XTM gear.

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