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Easy Gift Ideas for the Holiday 2023 Season

Easy Gift Ideas for the Holiday 2021 Season

With the Holiday season just around the corner, finding the perfect gift for your loved ones, colleagues, and friends can be a daunting task. That's why the Urban Gear team has come up with an selection of affordable gifts that are sure to impress. Our handpicked gift list features a range of practical, colourful, and unisex items, all under $50, that are perfect for everyday use. From stylish belts to trendy water bottles, cosy socks, and unique stocking stuffers, we've got you covered. Moreover, we have included some creative ideas on how to package these gifts to make them even more special. Browse through our list and discover the perfect present for your friends and family.

Arcade Stretch adventure beltsBelts

Arcade Belts are versatile, stylish, and adjustable, suitable for both men and women. These belts feature stunning designs and are crafted from robust elastic stretch webbing, which is just as flexible as your holiday appetite. The low-profile plastic buckle ensures comfort and prevents any discomfort caused by metal belt buckles, which can also cause problems during airport security checks. The simplistic design makes the belt fuss-free and machine-washable, perfect for outdoor activities and everyday wear.

  1. The Arcade Ranger Slim Adventure Belt is a slim belt that fits the narrow belt loops of 3.2cm or less, and it is one size fits most, up to 101.6cm waist.
  2. The Arcade Ranger Adventure Belt is one size fits most, up to 101.6cm waist, and fits standard belt loops of 3.8cm or more.
  3. The Arcade Ranger Long Adventure Beltfits waists up to 127cm and belt loops of 3.8cm or more.

An interesting way to give a belt as a gift would be to wrap it around the recipient's favourite bottled or cased beverage, like a ribbon. Alternatively, you could use the belt as a ribbon on a box or parcel.

Camelbak Reusable water bottlesReusable Water Bottles

Looking for the perfect gift that is both practical and environmentally conscious? Look no further than reusable water bottles! These bottles come in a wide variety of fun and vibrant colours, stylish designs, and sizes, making them an ideal unisex gift for anyone on your holiday shopping list.

Not only will your gift help reduce the amount of plastic waste polluting our planet, but it will also encourage the recipient to stay hydrated and healthy. Plus, with the convenience of a reusable water bottle, they'll never have to worry about constantly buying bottled water again.

At Urban Gear, we highly recommend the top-quality brands Camelbak and Nalgene for their durability and reliability. Give the gift of sustainability this holiday season and make a positive impact on the environment!


CamelBak Tritan Renew bottles are crafted from 50% recycled plastic that is free of BPA, BPS, and BPF. These bottles come in various sizes, are long-lasting, and are available in a range of colours to cater to diverse preferences. Additionally, they are dishwasher-safe, making them convenient to clean and maintain.

  1. For kids, the quirky and fun Camelbak Eddy+ Kids 400ml Tritan Renew Drink Bottle is perfect. It's recommended for children aged 3 and above.
  2. For the adults, the Camelbak Eddy+ 750ml Drink Bottle is a great gift option. It comes in a range of beautiful colours, and its flip, bite, and sip lid makes it easy to stay hydrated sustainably.
  3. The Camelbak Chute Magnetic Cap Tritan Renew Water Bottle is perfect for those who require a large bottle. It comes in two sizes, 750ml and 1.5L, and features a magnetic cap that prevents the lid from slapping around. The wide mouth is leak-proof and allows for easy addition of ice or fruits.


The Nalgene Wide Mouth 1L water bottle is an excellent choice for your hydration needs. This bottle is free from BPA and BPS, and it is sturdy enough to withstand daily use. Its wide mouth design allows for easy addition of ice or fruits to your drink. To avoid spills, you can use the Nalgene Easy Sipper attachment for a mess-free drinking experience. Plus, it is safe to clean in the dishwasher, making it a convenient choice for your active lifestyle.

Filling the bottle with the recipient's favourite candies, chocolates, or snacks will definitely add an extra touch of thoughtfulness. Plus, who can resist a sweet treat? It's sure to put a smile on their face and make the gift even more enjoyable. So go ahead and personalize it with their favourites – they'll love it!

Smartwool Merino Wool Bike SocksSocks

Socks make for a great gift idea and the Laundry Sock Monster ensures that the sock receiver will be super excited. The Urban Gear offers a wide variety of socks for runners, alpinists, or business people that you might have on your gift list. Unless you know their foot size, it's best to opt for Medium size for women and Large size for men. The Urban Gear team lives in Smartwool and XTM premium socks.


Smartwool socks are made of Merino Wool and designed with specific technology for longevity, comfort, and support. These socks are superior and worth gifting because Merino wool naturally wicks moisture, is quick-drying, odour-resistant and thermoregulating. The socks are designed for activity and can feature Shred Shield, Virtually Seamless toes, 4 Degree™ elite fit, or Indestructawool™.

  1. Smartwool No-Show socks come in a variety of colours and styles, and they make great gifts for any shoe wearer who doesn't want their socks to show or who suffers from foot odour that comes from wearing no socks.
  2. The Run, Bike, and Hike socks come in both men's and women's fits. These are designed with adventurers in mind and feature target padding, thicknesses, colours, and sock heights depending on the activity.
  3. The Everyday range of Smartwool socks are perfect for the office, lounging around the house, and of course, everyday wear!

Smartwool has a huge range to choose from, so check out our curated collection here. We are happy to assist with your shopping, so don't hesitate to click the chat button in the bottom right to talk with our team on the Gold Coast, QLD today.


XTM socks have the alpinist on your list covered with either the XTM Sochi ski socks or XTM Half Pipe Slope snowboard socks. These socks are designed specifically to cushion pressure points in the ski or snowboard boot and not be bulky elsewhere. Spoil the skier or snowboarder on your holiday gift list this year.

Get creative with sock gifts by rolling them up and putting them inside water bottles or mugs. If you have a game-loving family, roll the socks up, put them inside balloons, blow them up, and make it a contest of who can pop their balloon the fastest without using anything sharp.

Rumpl Beer blanket can carrierStocking fillers for Christmas 2023

  • Granger care products make great gifts for those with awesome down, leather or rainwear that needs to be cleaned. Regular maintenance of gear increases its longevity of use.
  • Rumpl Beer Blankets are perfect for keeping canned beverages cool and hands dry. These little puffy blankets are a must-have for any beer enthusiast.
  • Sea to Summit gear is the best way to stay clean on adventures and feel fresh.
  • The Ticket to the Moon parachute fabric sand-filled rim Pocket Frisbee is a packable and fun gift for all ages. It's the perfect addition to any outdoor adventure!
  • Eagle Creek travel accessories and toiletry bags are ideal for the travellers on your gift list this year.

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