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KEEN UNEEK is Unique

KEEN UNEEK is Unique
“It’s a total love or hate shoe. People are either like, ‘That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, it’s unbelievable,’ or ‘I hate that, I want to beat up the guy who designed it.’ ”
– Rory Fuerst Jr. (aka the guy who designed it)


These KEEN sandal shoes are UNEEK, which is KEEN spelt backwards with an added U. UNEEK’s are one of the strangest pieces of comfortable footwear you can enjoy and make a fashion statement. These sandals are ideal for cruising around everywhere from downtown to the beach. KEEN created a casual laid-back shoe with funky, enjoyable, and UNEEK style.

UNEEK sandals are packable, awesome everyday shoes, that are super versatile in all kinds of weather. These quick-dry sandals may be worn with or without socks. A bold style choice would be to wear colourful socks with these statement shoes. The construction of the corded shoes makes them easy to collapse down and pack away. Rory Fruest Jr designed these unique sandals, by experimenting with materials that are 3D, not 2D like fabric or leather.


UNEEK Build 

UNEEK sandals shape to your feet for an ideal fit, with KEEN’s innovative two-cord construction and a free-moving cord junction. These hybrid open-air sandals were best described as a modern take on a pirate shoe, with unparalleled KEEN comfort.

Years of experimenting with corded materials, including whipper-snipper cables which created super squeaky shoes, the design team found that a woven round cord worked the best to build a 3D shape. The cords are a non-stretchy polyester with a durable nylon core that create a macramé cradle around the foot. The cords wrap around the foot for a flexible, custom feel.

The traditional wide and anti-microbial midsole of KEEN footwear make up the base of these sandals. This design gently supports and cushions the natural structure of feet for comfortable all-day wear. The non-marking rubber sole features razor-siping for better traction on wet surfaces. UNEEK sandal shoes are comfortable and have a custom fit feeling.


Comfortable Fit 

In most cases, UNEEK lovers found going up a half-size to be the best fit. If you have a pair of KEEN shoes in a US10.5, we would recommend trying the half size up to a US11. Never had a pair of KEEN? Check your foot length with The Urban Gear Find Your Fit Guide, measure your foot length in centimetres, and compare it to the KEEN size guide.

The midsole is KEEN’s well-loved Metatomical Footbed with a soft lining and medium arch support. The soles have generous width with adjustable corded uppers to accommodate a standard to wide width foot. The extra-wide foot with a high in-step may find these difficult to squeeze into.


Worth a Go?

Everyone can enjoy making a fun fashion statement with these straight out of the box comfortable sandals. The full ventilation lets feet stay cool and the corded uppers provide a flexible secure fit. These sandals may or may not be your cup of tea, but The Urban Gear Team think the UNEEK sandals are worth a go.

Keen Robot

KEEN created a cute little robot that can make a pair of UNEEK shoes. The portable robot has travelled the world, custom-making UNEEK shoes in colours chosen on the spot. The UNEEKBOT uses two needles (kind of like crochet needles) to loop the cords together and anchor them in the sole.


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