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How to Care For Your Wool

How to Care For Your Wool

Woolly Washings

 Merino wool fibers can hold up to 30% of its own weight in moisture while remaining dry to the touch and are 10x more effective at wicking moisture than synthetic fibers.

With great fabric comes the great responsibility of ensuring you get as much performance out of your gear as possible. Wool is no exception to this rule of thumb as it’s truly the fabric of all fabrics when it comes to the daily grind of the next big adventure.

It’s eco-friendly, breathable, antibacterial, moisture-wicking, insulating, lightweight, water repellent and quick drying- need I go on? 

Get out your  Smartwool Socks and Merino Wool  Wrightsocks ready to clean because here’s how you can get the best out of your woollen products.


Machine wash your garments on a warm temperature setting no more than 40° C (104°F) or if your machine has a wool or delicate setting, select it. Use a mild detergent or a wool cleaner product (we recommend the Grangers Merino Wash). 

Grangers merino wash for washing wool socks


Air dry your woollen gear by laying them down flat to avoid stretching and deforming.  Avoid drying your wool in direct sun (especially in warmer parts of the world). You may iron them on a warm, woollen setting if necessary. Merino wool dries overnight so you can get straight back into wearing it.

You may choose to iron your Merino gear on a low heat setting but it’s not a must. Merino is quick to air dry and keeps wrinkle-free.


  • Store your knitted apparel folded gently
  • Woven apparel may be hung on padded hangers
  • Socks should be stored flat and not rolled up into balls to prevent them from losing shape
  • Can be kept in vacuum-packed bags or airtight containers to keep away moths – just remember to give them a breather every so often

merino wool socks australia Shoes For Feets


  • Don’t use fabric softeners, conditioners, bleaches or stain removers
  • Don’t roll  socks together to store
  • Don’t wash with hot water
  • Don’t expose to too much heat

Maintenance Tips

  • On holiday, pack two pairs of your  merino wool socks so you can alternate between wears. It’s best to air out one pair every day to keep them fresher for longer. This also works with clothing.
  • Turn your gear inside out before washing for a deep clean.
  • Cedar extract can prevent those pesky moths from getting near our gear. We recommend you use the Grangers Merino Wash with cedar extract to keep them at bay.
  • To remove any pilling that appears, lay the garment flat and remove them gently by hand.

When in Doubt, Check it Out

For the best result with washing, refer to the garment tags to check for care instructions. You can also refer to the recommended Grangers bottles for details. 

Yes, we do stock some ethically sourced, awesome merino wool gear. Take a look.

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