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  • One Hiker's Review of the Teva Women's Grandview Gore-Tex Boot—Straight Out the Box & After Hiking Bally Mountain(Bonogin, QLD)

    One Hiker's Review of the Teva Women's Grandview Gore-Tex Boot—Straight Out the Box & After Hiking Bally Mountain(Bonogin, QLD)

    You're always told to break in a pair of hiking boots or shoes slowly, but after years of hitting the trails, countless kilometres, and many pairs of footwear, I did some chaos testing on a pair of Teva Grandview hiking boots. Straight from the box, I scrambled up a cardio-inducing 6-kilometre, 439-meter elevation gain on Bally Mountain. This is a brief overview of the boot, its performance on the trail, and the results.

    Overview of Teva Women's Grandview Gore-Tex Boot

    First Impressions:

    The most notable feature of these hiking boots is the Universal Heel Lock System, which replaces the traditional lace hooks to lock the heel in place. This is an important feature to prevent toes from jamming on descents, and as someone who has experienced a few blackened toenails, I was eager to test out this feature. Hiking boots are usually quite bulky, but these are modern, lightweight, and have a high-quality feel with a firm, supportive sole.

    Technology behind the Uppers:

    • The upper of this durable, waterproof leather is sourced from tanneries certified by the Leather Working Group.

    • Quick-dry webbing made from recycled plastic using traceable, verifiable REPREVE® polyester yarn by Unifi®.

    • The GORE-TEX Leaf bootie, made from 71% post-consumer recycled material, seals out elements to keep your feet dry.

    • The Universal Heel Lock System keeps your foot in place, reducing toe pressure while trekking downhill.

    Technology behind the Mid-Sole & Sole:

    • The VIBRAM® Mega Grip outsole has the perfect balance of durability and sticky traction for both wet and dry surfaces.

    • A lightweight EVA-foam midsole and PU footbed provide extra cushioning for maximum comfort.

    • Nylon and TPU shanks stabilize and support your foot on uneven terrain.

    Teva Women's Grandview GTX Hiking Boot

    How Does The Boot Perform on the Trail?

    In order to test these hiking boots to the fullest, I chose Bally Mountain in Bonogin, QLD for its diverse and rough terrain. This is a well-signed, Class 5 summit trail with 1K of gravel road, a simple creek crossing, followed by a steep ascent up loose, uneven surfaces coated in muddy clay. On the final stretch, there is exposed rock that requires rock scrambling and a lack of fear of heights (acrophobia). This 6K return hike has a 439m elevation gain, so while it is short and sweet, it does get the heart pumping and put one's hiking boots to the test.

    I paired my favourite Smartwool low-cushion hike socks with these hiking boots for optimal breathability and moisture management. I'm a firm believer that socks can make or break even the best footwear. The Grandview hiking boots were an accurate fit for me and I could go with my usual US9 size. I had to fully loosen the laces to get my foot in, but the laces moved freely and snugged in tightly, especially around the Heel Lock System. These boots have low to mid arch support, making them comfortable if you don't need high arch support. If you need your own orthotics, the insole is removable.

    It was an easy start on the loose gravel road, followed by a quick rock hop across the creek crossing. Next, the longest part of this hike is what feels like a straight-up climb over various terrains, with wet leaves, logs, mud, and rocks. I was able to navigate this terrain comfortably with little issue and was very pleased with the traction, cushion, and support. The last section of the trail was exposed rock, still wet from the previous day's storms. However, the traction on these boots was top-notch, providing a sure grip.

    It was worth the climb to see the stunning panoramic views to the ocean and of the Springbrook mountains. As this is a summit hike, that means it's all downhill after a rest and snack. I experienced no slipping, and, more importantly to me, no toe jamming. After the hike, I had nothing more than tired muscles, great photos, and a new favourite hiking boot.

    Bally Mountain Panoramic view

    What Are The Pros and Cons of the Grandview Gore-Tex Boot After Testing It On Bally Mountain?

    There are a lot of pros for me when it comes to the Teva Grandview Gore-Tex Hiking Boots, but there were a couple of cons to be noted as well. All around this boot is a winner and would recommend for those with a regular width foot. For wider feet, check out our KEEN NXIS Evo Footwear collection with KEEN's famous wide comfort fit.


    • Lightweight for a less bulky feeling on your feet

    • Comfortable and supportive sole

    • Excellent grip in all types of natural terrain

    • Snug but not restrictive Universal Heel Lock kept my heel firmly in place, to help prevent toe jamming on those steep descents.

    • Waterproof and breathable to help keep feet dry and comfortable.


    • Had to tighten the boots twice on the hike, but this was mostly due to the fact they weren’t pre-broken in.

    • The ankle support isn’t as sturdy as a traditional hiking boot, but it still provided plenty of support for this hike that required mobility.

    Other gear I swear by and I used on this hike:

    BlackWolf Trace 16L Daypack - Hydration bladder compatible, padded straps, and plenty of room for a first aid kit, rain jacket, and food.

    Smartwool Women's Merino Sport Seamless Strappy Bra - Best for low impact, but still provided enough support for this hike. Love to wear anything merino wool as it has the best breathability, moisture and temperature regulation.

    Smartwool Women's Merino Lace Thong - Comfortable and breathable.

    Smartwool Hike Light Cushion Mid Crew Socks - These socks have just enough cushion and support without being bulky. I always highly recommend and swear by merino wool socks for any activity. 

    View from Bally Mountain to the Ocean

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    Teva Grandview GTX Boots information: https://www.teva.com/women-boots/grandview-gore-tex/1106832.html?dwvar_1106832_color=SDDN

    Bally Mountain information : https://www.goldcoast.qld.gov.au/Things-to-do/Parks-gardens-reserves/Park-Finder/Bally-Mountain-Conservation-Area



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