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Arcade Ranger Adventure Belt

  • Lightweight, low-profile, and stretch make the Arcade Ranger the perfect belt for the everyday. A superior fit and ultimate comfort come from an elastic stretch webbing that is just as flexible as your appetite. View our Arcade Belt Collection.
  • Material:
    Webbing 90% Nylon & 10% Rubber.

    100% Polyoxymethylene(POM).

    Special Features:

    Lightweight to tackle any adventure with the lightweight nylon webbing and low-profile buckle.

    Travel-Friendly, no metal buckle means easier passage through airport security and no jabbing or poking while travelling.

    Material is blended into high-performance yarns with natural rubber to create an elastic webbing that moves with you and goes where you go. This design provides an incredibly comfortable and easily adjustable fit.

    Washable and water-friendly, you can leave it in your pants during the wash cycle, just give the buckle a quick clip to keep it in the belt loops.


  • Belt Length:
    One size fits most, up to 101.6cm.

    Belt Width: 3.81cm.

    Team Thoughts:
    This is an innovative product because it’s a simple, but ingenious design. Who knew belts could be so comfortable and not dig into you.

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