Summertime and the Teva's are hot!

November 27, 2019 3 min read

Summertime and the Teva's are hot!

Summertime and the Teva's are hot!

Summer in Australia is synonymous with 2 things; BBQ's and BEACH! #amiright?!
Ok, we know there's a whole lot more because just like you, we too LOVE summer exploring; hiking, inland lake swims, waterfall exploring, picnics, boating, rock hopping, urban adventuring ~ whatever it is, it's imperative to keep cool, because we're one heck of a hot country!

The TEVA sandal was the ORIGINAL sport sandal and they've gone from being all about comfort and action to being seen as necessary fashion footwear too. They're not only the best summer footwear, they were also on the runway at New York Fashion Week! (You can read more about that here)

The Shoes for Feets summer-time recommendations (the best shoes for walking all day!);

  1. Being able to explore the city or coastal beach walks all day and then go out for dinner, to a show, or a friends BBQ - without changing your shoes.
  2. They must be stylish and comfortable at the same time.
  3. They must be durable and hard-wearing - only the best quality for our discerning customers. 

So as summer officially starts in a matter of days, we've made your search for the perfect pair (or, many pairs) of sandals super easy for you; sandals that are ultra-comfortable, seriously-cool, funky-not-frivolous, that will see you through the Bondi to Coogee Urban Coastal Walk or the 8km Photographer's Walk of Melbourne's Best Views ... whatever it is, wherever it is, they need to be perfect.
 teva sandals best for australian summer beach lake walking fashion comfort

  1. Teva Women's Verra Sandal(in two colour-ways)
  2. Teva Women's Tirra Sport Sandal (in three colour-ways)
  3. Teva Men's Katavi 2 Slide/Sandal

So now you know our recommendations, let us tell you why you need to choose TEVA!

The Teva brand is amazing on many levels (not just because they look good!) but in particular, their technology is second to none and their environmental ethos is admirable. 


  • Teva takes energy consumption seriously, and are hyper-vigilant about integrating climate change measures into their policies and planning.
  • We all know that the fashion industry is the largest contributor of carbon emissions outside of the fossil-fuel industry and Teva have moved the majority of their production out of China (who rely heavily on coal) to hydroelectricity-savvy Vietnam, which results in minimising their environmental footprint.
  • You can learn more about Teva's Corporate Responsibility initiatives here.
We love you Teva❣️


  • They're super quick drying which means superior comfort for your all-day adventuring!
  • The webbing used on the sandal upper is extremely durable and is designed and built to last.
  • Your Teva sandals are easy to get on and off quickly, with a hook-and-loop closure which means you get just the right fit every time! 
  • Teva soles have extra cushioning in the heel, with an EVA foam footbed, this means amazing support for all-day comfort ... lush!
  • The traction that Teva has designed for their outsoles means you're kept safe in all weather conditions and surfaces; think boating, rock hopping and waterfall trekking, just to name a few! 
  • The outsole is made of durable antislip/spider rubber which is anti-microbial ...
Again, we love you Teva❣️
Head to our social (links below) and share what you love about your Teva's. How long have you had your oldest pair for? How long have you loved Teva's for? If you've never owned a pair, now is the time! Check out the range here, or take our advice and head straight to the recommendations above.

    summertime in australia best sandals for beach and town and city teva

    Have you been humming "summertime and the weather is fine" since reading the title of this blog? Yep, us too! Click here to enjoy the 1970's original ... "You know a song is great when it makes you feel nostalgia for a time you weren’t alive for."


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