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How to choose the right Smartwool socks for you

How to choose the right Smartwool socks for you

How to choose the right Smartwool socks for you

If you have ever tried a pair of Smartwool socks, you will know how much of a game-changer they are.  Working on your feet all day, going for runs at night, and the average 3 for $10 pack of socks, just doesn’t cut it. We put our feet through a lot and most of us are left with sore, sweaty, smelly feet. 

Eventually, we all end up throwing away old holey socks and restart the whole routine of repurchasing cheap socks again and again. Good socks are an investment, an investment that is undoubtedly worth it thanks to all the benefits.  

Smartwool socks are good socks, and each style has one thing in common, the powerhouse fabric, merino wool. Having the best merino wool socks means you will gain all the best benefits that socks have to offer and is the reason why you shouldn't get cold feet (pun intended) when making the investment.


What are the benefits, you may ask? 

The best socks will;

  • Regulate your temperature
  • Are moisture-wicking
  • Assist with the prevention of chafing and blistering
  • Give extra support to your feet
  • Feel comfortable
  • Are durable for longer
  • Fit you perfectly


More than just a pretty sock - Smartwool socks 

If you were a knight, you wouldn't throw on armour over bare skin and head into battle. You would need padding to prevent chafing and to provide cushioning for impact. The same goes for your feet, shoes, and socks.

Socks provide protection, comfort, moisture-wicking, and warmth. Not all socks come with these luxuries, so it's important to pick quality socks to suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Smartwool socks provide that extra cushioning to make sure our feet don't rub against the lining of our shoes. Less friction means less chance of blisters. 

Smartwool create merino wool socks with optimal moisture-wicking with antimicrobial properties. Sweaty feet tend to stay sweaty in warm places such as the inside of our shoes. Wearing fabrics that wick away the moisture from your feet will keep them dry and infection-free. 


Why are Smartwool socks the best merino wool socks? 

All Smartwool socks;

  • Are virtually seamless to prevent irritation and rubbing
  • Are made with quality merino wool 
  • Are antimicrobial 
  • Are moisture-wicking to keep your feet happy and dry
  • Are made with Indestructawool for extra durability 
  • Are breathable to control temperature
  • Gender-specific fits - because not all feet are the same
  • Have a shred shield to reduce wear from toes (no more holey toes!)
  • Are made ethically with sustainability in mind


But with so many options from the  Smartwool socks Australia range, which are the right ones to choose? 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to make sure your feet stay happy and healthy in the right socks.


What am I using my socks for?

Ask yourself first, what are you using your socks for? Perhaps work, or for a fashion statement. Whatever your use, there are different socks to suit. Below we have picked our top Smartwool socks for a few categories. Check out more info on each style by clicking on the photos.


Everyday use warrants a little bit of fun with your sock choice. Go for some colour or fun patterns to make a statement. Smartwool's print socks will absolutely make your day that much better when you get home and take your shoes off. Who doesn't want whales on their socks? (check out our conversation starter socks below). 

For those who prefer the toned-down look, they also come in neutral colours. General everyday wear socks will be breathable, a little more simplistic in technical design, and aesthetically pleasing. 

Smartwool no show socks are an excellent choice for everyday wear if you want something to keep you dry and comfortable. Yippee! we do stock the hard find men's Smartwool no show socks in Australia.



Athletics use means you need a pair of socks to carry you through a workout. You need quality socks that you can wear to compliment your active shoes. Let's be real, you (hopefully) have invested in a good pair of shoes, why miss out on the best merino wool socks for running? 

Athletic socks should have padding to protect those ankles and knees from impact. Moisture-wicking is a MUST for any sort of athletic activities; this means less sweaty, stinky feet. Trust us, you and your household will thank us later.

The Smartwool PhD socks offer a range of styles that have been tried and trusted over many years. The Smartwool PhD run range comes in multiple lengths for you to choose from with a more cushioned option (the PhD run light elite) for those who need it.  

The patterned mesh zones offer breathability in the right places without sacrificing any comfort; this means maximum airflow for those workout sessions.  


Work Performance

Work performance requires socks that support your feet all day, keep them cushioned, and look smart. Sometimes we don't get around to doing the washing every day, so 2-3 day wear socks that dry overnight are life-saving.

Smartwool has options for smart-looking socks to wear to the office (the new classic crew rib socks) as well as fully supported socks for those who are on their feet all day.  

The cushioned no show socks are an excellent option for those looking for both a stylish and well-padded sock to work on your feet all day. 

Conversation starters

Conversation starter socks garner attention and get people asking, "where did you buy those?". They make you happy, they brighten your day with fun colours and patterns but still have the benefits of Smartwool socks. As well as conversation starters, they make great gifts for all trendsetters. 

The Sulawesi and Margarita styles are fun, colourful additions to your wardrobe. The curated no show socks come with a range of contemporary, original 360-degree prints. Smartwool socks have teamed up with their local printing business to create these amazing prints that stretch around the entire sock. They are also virtually seamless, and abrasion-resistant to give a barely-there feel. 

Conversation starter socks are super unique pieces to own for all those sock collectors out there. Add to your outfit with socks that everyone will remember.

How should my socks fit? 

Just as important as picking the right socks for the right purpose is choosing the right fit. Consider the following things while fitting your socks; 

Heel placement

The heel shouldn't be too loose or too tight and should cup the heel comfortably.


Your toes shouldn't be squished together, nor should they have too much extra fabric surrounding them. If your socks have seams, they should not be sitting anywhere that will cause irritation. 

Space for swelling

If your feet tend to swell, make sure that your socks have a bit of give in them.

Your shoe size

Measure your feet without looking at your shoe size. Shoe sizes vary from brand to brand, and some shoes require upsizing (or downsizing). Lucky for you, we have a handy guide to get your perfect fit.


Sometimes we put on the perfect pair of warm, thick socks just to find there is not enough room in our shoes to wear them. Opt for socks that fit with your shoes; thinner socks for more fitted shoes, and thicker socks for shoes with a more little room to spare. We always recommend trying socks with cushioning when trying on work boots and hiking shoes to ensure the perfect fit.

Fabric choice

Does the fabric you've chosen fit your needs? Cotton is lightweight and breathable, but it absorbs moisture. If you're planning on working up a sweat, make sure you choose a moisture wicking fabric such as merino wool socks.  

Arch support

Most technical socks will come with added support in the arch. Consider whether you would like the extra support or not.

Wash and wear

Consider how often you want to be able to wear your socks without having to wash them. Merino wool socks are naturally antibacterial and so won't smell if you wear them a few extra days. It's also quick-drying, meaning they will be ready to wear the next morning if you decide to wash them at night. Check out our woolly washings guide for more info.


Good quality socks matter. Smartwool socks are consistently rated as the best performing socks amongst sock-enthusiasts alike. With years of sock expertise, Smartwool never fails to create socks that help feet everywhere, for every situation. Investing in the best wool socks will improve your foot health by making them that much more comfortable and that much less stinky. Knowing what purpose you are using them and how they fit will make it easy to navigate which pair of Smartwool socks were made for you. 


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