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How to Care for Your Rainwear

How to Care for Your Rainwear

How to Care For Your Rainwear


We often get cold feet when washing our precious  waterproof and DWR (durable water repellent) gear. We all fear the waterproofing will degrade quicker and so it’s better to not wash them - right? 

The truth is that all the dirt and oils that accumulate can hinder the breathability and performance of our gear. And so, we must wash away all the nasty gunk that amasses from our adventures to get as much wear as possible. 

So, you may ask, how can I keep holding on to that jacket for as long as I possibly can? Don’t fret! We’ve you covered with these (not-at-all fear-inducing) instructions.


Start by closing all zippers, pockets, cuffs, and flaps. Brush off any visible dirt. Use a performance gear specialised wash such as the Grangers Performance Wash. Machine wash your gear at 30°C (86°F) on a standard cycle.

grangers performance wash for washing rainwear


We recommend tumble drying on low heat to help reactivate the DWR but you may also hang your gear out to dry. Please always refer to the care label in your garments.


How can I tell if my gear needs reproofing? The one tell-tale sign is that water will no longer bead off the fabric but will be soaked up like a towel.

If you have found that your DWR coating has worn down, we recommend the Grangers Wash and Repel for a double combo of cleaning and reproofing. 

If your gear has fleece or other fabric linings, we recommend the Grangers Performance Repel Spray on the outside after washing by spraying it on then leaving it to dry.

grangers wash and repel for washing rainweargrangers performance repel for rainwear


  • Don’t use regular detergents, bleaches, fabric softeners, conditioners or stain removers –this is very important as they can break down the composition of the fibers and strip the waterproof coating
  • Don’t dry clean
  • Don’t store while wet or damp

Maintenance Tips

  • There is no need to wash your gear with every use, just keep an eye on when it starts to get a bit messy. We recommend a monthly clean to prolong the life of your gear.
  • The Grangers Repel Spray can be used for most of your other DWR or waterproof items such as your technically advanced  shoes (wink, wink).
  • After using a specialised detergent, make sure to give your machine a quick wash to prevent any residue from sticking to your other clothing on the next cycle.

When in Doubt, Check it Out

For the best result with washing, refer to the garment tags to check for care instructions. You can also refer to the Grangers bottles for details.


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