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Olukai shoes and thongs hawaiian lifestyle
One wear of an Olukai pair of shoes and you’ll be hooked for life! That’s what happened to us 😉
Olukai shoes and thongs are all about comfort, durability, and style and what makes these shoes so irresistible is the attention to detail in the footbeds, high-quality materials, and the unique craftsmanship of island culture PLUS the Olukai shoes and thongs brand are actively involved in the sustainability of all their products.
  • The footbeds (or innersoles) SUPPORT the foot.
  • The heel is CRADLED to minimize movement and provide shock absorption/stability.
  • The centre of the foot is where the STRENGTH is.
  • The arch of the footbed provides the extra SUPPORT your foot needs.
  • Olukai designs allow your toes to move freely and naturally because it doesn’t feel great when your toes are all jammed together! Olukai prides itself in HEEL TO TOE COMFORT and we couldn’t agree more!

    Olukai’s commitment to sourcing the most premium quality materials to design their shoes takes this brand to legendary status. Their range of colours and textures are thoughtfully selected in both synthetic and natural materials. The leathers are sourced exclusively from environmentally conscious iso-14001 certified tanneries.

    Olukai shoes and thongs are stylish, unique and showcase genuine artistry. With each step, the sole leaves a beautiful footprint and the innersoles often feature gorgeous island-inspired designs. The Olukai Women's Nohea Nubuck leather is just one example of a subtle canvas to pay homage to Olukai’s roots in Hawaii.

    An excellent choice for everyday wear or travel adventures, Olukai are your go-to shoes. Check out our carefully curated Olukai collection and treat yourself today. The planet will thank you for your choice and your feet will love you beyond measure!
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