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How to Care For Your Leather Shoes

How to Care For Your Leather Shoes

How to Care For Your Leather


Breathable, durable, and easy to clean, leather shoes never fail to dominate the comfort shoe industry in all facets. Whether it’s for hiking, work, or just style, leather is ultimately the choice for a reliable pair of shoes. 

Teva,Keen,Olukai – all brands that incorporate leather into their styles to create the most comfortable, best quality walking shoes. Here’s how you can keep your quality and comfortable leather shoes carrying you through countless adventures. 


Begin by removing the laces. 

Using the Grangers cleaning brush (or alike), remove all loose dirt with gentle stroking motions. Spray your leather footwear cleaner product from around 10-15cm away until the shoe is covered but not soaked. 

Wipe down the shoes with a clean, damp cloth. We recommend checking out the Granger’s footwear cleaning products.

Grangers footwear carekit for cleaning leather shoes

After Cleaning Care

Think of this step as moisturising our shoes, much like our skin, leather can dry out and wrinkle with age so our shoes need a little skincare routine of their own. 

You may want to do a patch test with any product beforehand as products are likely to change the colour of the leather, even if only slightly.

For smooth grain leather only:

Using your shoe conditioner, apply directly onto your footwear and rub in the product with circular motions using a clean, dry cloth. Allow them to dry. Do this 2 to 3 times for the best results. Be aware that lighter coloured leathers may darken when using a conditioning product.

To protect any finish of leather, in particular, suede or nubuck:

Use a water repellent spray by spraying 10-15cm away from the shoe while still damp. Allow this to dry. Be aware that lighter coloured leathers may darken when using a conditioning product.

Grangers footwear repel for cleaning leather shoes waterproof shoesGrangers leather conditioner for cleaning leather shoes conditioning shoes


Without proper storage, leather shoes can become deformed over time, and so they must be stored carefully. Consider which shoes you wear the most regularly and store them accordingly.

For short term storage of your most-used shoes, keep them in a cool and well-ventilated place, ideally lined up on a dedicated rack/shelf. 

For long-term storage, consider investing in shoe trees to help to retain shape. Your patent shoes can be stored in a felt or canvas bag to help them keep dust-free. 


  • Don’t throw those shoes onto a pile on the floor, this will cause them to lose shape
  • Don’t store damp shoes into your closet, let them air out beforehand. 
  • Don’t store in direct sunlight or expose to high heat as this will cause the leather to dry out, crack, and shrink.

Maintenance Tips

  • If you wear your shoes regularly, give them a clean every week and apply aftercare every 1-6 months.
  • Keep the smells away and keep your shoes fresh with some  Smellwell deodorisers.
  • Try using rolled-up cotton socks instead of shoe trees to keep your shoes in shape. Avoid using newspaper for this trick as it can dry out your beloved shoes.
  • For your longer boots, you can use a shoehorn on the inside to keep them from losing shape.

When in Doubt, Check it Out

For the best result with washing, refer to the garment tags to check for care instructions. You can also refer to the Grangers bottles for details.

Here are our awesome brands that make quality leather styles 

Teva shoes australiaOlukai shoes australiaKeen shoes australia

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