3 reasons journaling is good for your health!

September 16, 2019 3 min read

3 reasons journaling is good for your health!

In the age of digital everything, pen + paper is more POWERFUL than ever! 
Putting pen to paper in a journal is not only a great way to record your thoughts and aspirations, it's also proven to be brilliant for your mental health.

Here are three reasons that journaling is good for your health;

1. It's a great way to reduce STRESS;
Many of us manage our week-day stresses by taking a long walk or hike in the outdoors over the weekend. But there's MORE we can do to manage the day-to-day stresses and that's by taking 15 minutes each night before bed and writing it all down. It can help you reduce specific sources of stress and assist you in reaching an important goal.

2. It's a fantastic way to deal with ANXIETY;
Journaling can clarify your thoughts and feelings. When your head is muddled and you're unsure of exactly what you feel, take the time to write your thoughts in your journal and connect with your internal world.

Your anxiety can be positively affected with journaling by;
  • Calming and clearing your mind.
  • Releasing everyday stresses and pent-up angst. 
  • Releasing negative lines of thinking.
  • Checking in with your experiences of anxiety.
  • Recording your challenges, stresses and also your successes.
  • Strengthening your self-awareness and teaching you about your triggers
3. Know yourself better and improve your MOOD;

Writing in your journal notebook allows you to observe your mind, and learn what makes you feel happy and confident. You'll also become clear about situations and people who are toxic for you — important information for your emotional well-being, which in turn directly affects your mood.

BUT ... where to start? First, be prepared! With one of our exquisite hand-crafted Roam Journal Notebook Covers you've found the perfect way to record and release your daily stresses, your thoughts, dreams, adventures, your next hit single or even doodle a magnificent work of art!  They're available in a compact A5 size, and this classic leather notebook cover is simply stunning and protects your precious thoughts whilst also being a statement travel accessory.

Once your Roam Journal Notebook Cover has arrived, pop a generic notebook inside it and keep it in a drawer next to your bed. Either set an alarm to remind you each evening to WRITE or set yourself an intention that 15 minutes before bed each night you'll WRITE - which is so much better than being on your phone scrolling social media - it's good for your brain and good for your wellbeing!

Writing freely is paramount - so make sure you've worked out how you're going to keep your journal private. Write without the worry of spelling or grammar, just let it flow - and if it's not pouring out of you initially, write down just one word. You can pick a mantra for the day, week or month (such as gratitude, stress, change or frustration). The most important rule of all is that THERE ARE NO RULES!

Back to the actual journal - because having something special to write in, makes all the difference. Our Roam leather notebook journal covers are handcrafted leather, vegetable-tanned in black or navy. They're exquisite Italian leather quality that looks better as they age. Your village leathers journal will last for years and years and become your most treasured possession.

Available in A5 size, pair it with any 148 x 210mm notebook, as this classic Italian leather journal cover protects your precious thoughts.
Handcrafted in London, the Roam Journal Cover collection is the PERFECT gift for yourself or a friend. Minimalist in design, as is the entire Village Leathers collection. Check them out here


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