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10 top travel tips for adventurers

10 top travel tips for adventurers

‘Tis the season for frivolity, festivities, indulging and holidays!

Whether you’re travelling near or far on your adventures this holiday season, it can be stressful if you haven’t appropriately planned and prepared, so we’ve compiled this comprehensive fail-safe list of top travel tips for adventurers. Perfect for this season, but great for any time you’re travelling!


1. First, let’s talk about what you carry your gear in. Whether it’s cabin carry-on luggage for the plane, a convenient bag at your feet in the car, a backpack you heave into the overhead compartment on a bus or train, SECURITY is paramount and undoubtedly your biggest issue (no matter where your adventures take you!!) 

2. A close second is that your bag needs to be multi-functional. As practical as a swiss-army knife, as comfortable as your favourite pillow, and not too big - because carting too much gear around can cause undue stress when it doesn’t fit in the compartments which are seemingly increasingly shrinking each time we travel anywhere! On our trip over to the U.S earlier this year we both used PacSafe bags because of the security features but also when you talk about a bag being multi-functional, nothing comes close to the convenience and clever design of the women's backpack which turns into a fabulous handbag!

3. You’ll already know this one for sure, but it’s a must to carry your own water bottle! If you’re flying, ask the airline staff to fill your bottle when you get on the plane or do it in the airport once you’re at your gate. When you’re at your accommodation, boil the kettle for safe drinking water or buy a very large bottle and keep refilling your own. It's a great way to spend less and help the planet at the same time.

4. Our final piece of advice on the topic of bags; Don’t over-pack! Too much gear just causes unnecessary hassle and stress. Take only that which you know you’ll need!


5. Whether you’re on the train, plane, bus or in the car, wearing lightweight, comfortable shoes will make you a much happier person! Slip-on shoes are obviously convenient in all travel scenario’s, and they’re also practical if you’re flying as some airports around the world are HUGE and while it can feel like you’re walking forever when you’re sleep-deprived, doing it in uncomfortable shoes just makes it so much worse! It’s also so much easier dealing with airport security when you don’t have to worry about buckles or metalware beeping and holding you up!

6. Still on the subject of the beeping, if you’re a belt wearer, make sure it has a plastic belt buckle so you don’t have have the annoyance of being asked to take it off!

7. Another important item is a foldable or travel-friendly sunhat. While sunscreen is great, some locations insist on not wearing sunscreen in the water as it damages the natural environment. Read more about that here. Your best form of sun protection is a lightweight hat which not only helps to protect you from the sun but it looks damn cute too!

8. Our final piece of advice on travel clothing; keep it light, keep it simple, keep it practical! Make sure the pants you're packing are wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying, and stretchy for comfort, and can be dressed up or down to take you from day adventuring to nighttime dining!


9. There are so many places to rest your weary head when you’re adventuring locally or overseas, whether you’re the sort that likes to wing it and drive into town, see the VACANCY sign on a motel or campground, and try your luck, or you’ve booked your accommodation online months in advance, the key is always read reviews! Tripadvisor, Facebook, Airbnb, are just a few of the options, and whether you’re going 1* or 5* the reviews will tell you everything you need to know! We regularly book through Hostelworld to find the best deal, and we always read the recent reviews.

10. We also use Airbnb because we love getting into the local environment, to get our bearings and delve into our favourite pastime - urban exploring!

You can’t plan for everything that’s going to happen on your adventures, but following our top tips will make your travels much easier.

Happy festive season and happy adventuring!

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